Chivalry 2 Arrives to Xbox Game Pass with Update


Prepare to enter the battlefield and wield the weapon the Katars. The sounds of battle draw ever nearer, even now they can be heard on Xbox. Today Torn Banner Studios is happy to announce that their first person slasher game, Chivalry 2, has arrived on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass with a new update. A press release provides details about the update. Additionally, the game pass trailer gives players a chance to see what the game is all about. 

Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 is a first person slashing game where players take on the role of a number of medieval warriors. With an arsenal of medieval weapons, players will wage war across a variety of maps. Importantly the Reinforced update sees the arrival of a whole new map: The Hippodrome. Furthermore, players can wield the game’s first dual wield weapons, the Katars, as they battle across the map on both foot and horseback. 

Of course players can get a new look at the bloodshed in the Reinforced update trailer for Games Pass. The trailer shows off not only the new map but the new weapons in action. Additionally, players can also get a look at the new winter biome being introduced in this update. Check it out. 

Chivalry 2 is available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles and PC via Steam and Epic Games. Currently the game costs $43.99 on Steam. So, are you ready for the reinforced update? Will you be taking to the battlefield to test out the Katars? Or maybe, you’ll prefer to deal death from horseback instead.