War Robots: Frontiers Bringing Heavy Metal Battle November 24th

Fight For the Wild 10 

Welcome to the Wild 10, pilot. Prepare for battle like never before. Today MY.GAMES and Pixonic are pleased to announce their new 3rd person, mech shooter, War Robots: Frontiers. Set in the widely popular War Robots universe, the new game will bring mechanized war like never before. A press release gives some background on the new game. Additionally, an announcement trailer provides a look at the coming war zones. 

War Robots

War Robots: Frontiers is set 200 years after the events of the first War Robots game. This time pilots will be battling over a system of worlds known as the Wild 10. Players will take their customizable mechs into battle on various worlds in intense 6v6 battles. Featuring fully destructible environments, the weapons of these mighty robots will wreak havoc on the planets they battle for. Of course, players will be able to design their own mechs to adapt to their playstyles. Will you grab a fast, close range, stealth mech? Or would you prefer a massive lumbering fortresses. Importantly, your favorite style of play will most likely be the one that helps you secure your objectives and conquer the system. 

Players can check out the new announcement trailer for a look at the game. From the types of mechs, to the raging battles. Check out the trailer below. 

War Robots: Frontiers is arriving to Steam Early Access on November 24th. The full release of the game is scheduled for 2023. Of course, the full version of the game will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.