This War of Mine 8 Year Anniversary Initiative to Aid Ukraine

11 Bit Studios Returns 

Becoming the leaders of education on ordinary people during war time is important. Equally as important is supporting the victims of real war however you can. Today, 11 Bit Studios is pleased to be returning with another initiative to support Ukraine. The Studio’s game which provides a brutal look at war, This War of Mine, is celebrating its 8 year anniversary. Of course, this means more fundraising. A press release provides more information on 11 Bit’s newest effort to support those affected by the war in Ukraine. 

This War of Mine

This time 11 Bit has come with a bundle. The new 11 Bit Bundle, available at Humble Games, features a list of 11 Bit fan favourites. For instance, games such as Frostpunk, Moonlighter, and of course, This War of Mine, are all making an appearance. However, the best part is that players can choose to ensure that almost the whole purchase goes to charity. That’s right, only the small cut for Humble Games will be subtracted from the purchase of the bundle. The rest will be going directly to a charity known as Razom

Razom is an organization dedicated to rebuilding a prosperous Ukraine. Importantly, 11 Bit’s newest work with Razom comes off the heels of an $850,000 dollar donation to the Ukraine Red Cross. 

Of course players can get the bundle now through November 17th. 11 Bit Studios is committed to continuing their support for the Ukraine and charities that aim to support the country. So, do yourself a favor and support the Ukraine while grabbing some great games at the same time.