11 Bit Studios, This War of Mine Developer, Donating $850,000 to Ukraine

Making a Difference 

After a full week of donating all proceeds of their narrative survival sim, This War of Mine, to the Ukraine developer 11 Bit Studios has an announcement. They were not finishing their fundraiser for the Ukraine just yet. After a highly successful fundraiser the developers kept the event going for another four days last week. In a twitter post made on March 4th, 11 Bit Studios revealed the staggering amount of money their fundraiser made. 


The Polish Development studio made the announcement on February 25th that they would be hosting the fundraiser. They made sure that fans of their studio knew their stance referencing This War of Mine. 11 Bit Studios made sure that everyone understood that their game specifically focuses on trials and suffering of civilians during wartime. Donating $850,000 to the Ukrainian Red Cross Fund is astonishing. People who are still eager to help can still donate to the Red Cross Fund. 

Furthermore, in their initial announcement 11 Bit asked people to let the message of This War of Mine resonate with them. It appears, judging by the massive amount of donations, that people all over did just that. 11 Bit Studios was just one of many studios joining in the effort to support the Ukraine in the wake of the Russian invasion. Still, despite the amazing amount they raised, more can always help.