Alchemical INC, Card Battle Roguelike, Debuts with New Trailer

Cards Run These Streets 

Welcome to New Folk City. Here its all about the hustle and scuffle, kid, and to do that you need cards. Indie Developer Looch Labs is happy to announce their first game, the rogue like card battler, Alchemical INC. A press release provides more details about the features and the mechanics of the game itself. Additionally a new trailer gives players a better glimpse at the game itself. 

Alchemical INC places players in New Folk City. A place that thrives and feeds of off Alchemists, card battling masters of elementals. Everyone in the city wants to be an Alchemist, because in a city of constant hustle and shuffle, they are the ones who make the best living. 

Alchemical INC plays off the core cards known as elementals. Each of the elemental cards represent a real world element. For instance you will see elementals such as Thermite or Water. By playing these cards you, as an Alchemist, charge your alchemical kit to attack your opponent. By combining different elementals you can create even more devastating attacks. Yet it isn’t as simple as just playing your elements. Your alchemical kit processes your elements and cards in a specific order, so make sure your thinking of strategy before you play. Remember as you win your battles you will receive rewards. New cards, action cards that react to opponent’s elements, and passive abilities for you alchemical kit. It’s all about the hustle so you got to think quick and learn what combos of cards work best.  

A trailer for Alchemical INC gives players a look at the streets of New Folk City. Additionally, players can see some glimpses of battles as well as the art style. 

Currently Alchemical INC is available for wish listing on Steam. In addition a Kickstarter is coming soon if you want to support the game.