Discord App Breaks, Users Asked to “Go Outside”

Discord is Down, And Epic(tm) Gamers(tm) Are Having a Rough Time

It’s always fun when a company can keep a jovial attitude despite server troubles. Some developers would be able to easily shrug something like this off, but when your app is literally based around connecting with others, it can be easy to feel stuck. But Discord will not fall so easily. When faced with an issue that prevented their main feature from working, they gave a simple response: “time to go outside”.

This is far from the first time unexpected things have happened on Discord’s platform. But unlike that one update, this is something everyone’s happy to joke about.

Given that the message came as part of a chain where they announced the issue and that they were working to solve it, its jovial nature shone brightly. Users responded in kind, posting… well, exactly the sort of half-ironic, but very funny, responses you’d expect internet shut-ins to say.

If you’d like to know as soon as Discord goes back to normal operations, then this link is what you’ll need. It’ll show you the status of everything Discord, and presents it all in a clean, accessible way.