Discord Gets Banking Integration With Zelf

Discord Is Getting the Ability to Do Money Transactions Within Its Application With the Help of Neobank Zelf

According to a press release by Zelf, Discord will be teaming up together with the neobank Zelf to offer banking transactions through the Discord application. Discord, for those who are unaware, is a chatting service, originally and currently, geared towards gamers to make for an easier connection between gamers. And while there has been news in the past year that Discord will be teaming up with some big names, this is the first time that banking has been introduced to the chatting service.

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Zelf, in the meanwhile, has been in the embedded banking services for various instant messaging services. And now it is possible for Discord users to get a Zelf MetaPass card in order to pay to play. At least, that’s what Zelf is advertising. Apparently, this is supposed to help with trading virtual assets, and “curb illegal trade of in-game assets”. Zelf believes that this will be the way to regulate NFT gaming, as well as offer transparency for both players and game operators.

Elliot Goykhman, CEO and Founder of ZELF, offered a statement on this development. “We are really excited that our technology will allow players worldwide to capitalize on their gaming skills while providing a safe environment for buyers and sellers to trade virtual assets outside of their favorite games. ZELF in Discord will bring much-needed security and transparency for the P2P transactions of skins, weaponry, characters, in-game cosmetics, and much more, enabling the future of metaverse banking.”

This sounds all very well and good, and a way for both Zelf and Discord to profit. Currently, Zelf has only a million registered users, while Discord numbers are, well, bigger than that. But the idea that Discord is leaning towards NFT games and cryptocurrency is worrisome. Steam has already banned blockchain games, and Xbox’s Phil Spencer has spoken on his negative feelings on the matter. But with Zelf promoting that this is the “first bank of the metaverse”, they seem rather gung-ho about the matter.

But Discord might change its mind, depending on user feedback. Or it might just promote the ability to get games and share them with their users in a different way. Discord does have options, with its popularity. It will depend on whether it listens to user feedback or not.