Sony Makes Partnership Deal With Discord

Not A Buyout! It’s A Different Thing

There was a moment when Discord’s future was looking somewhat hazy. Microsoft was maybe buying the company, and users were pre-emptively mourning the loss of another social platform to acquisition sickness. Now, Discord remains a free agent, but with a Sony partnership in the mix.

Discord Store open beta

That’s right, Sony’s Jim Ryan made the announcement in a blog post this morning. Instead of a scary-sounding buyout, this is a minority investment. So they’ve only got a few shares under their belt, maybe? Seems like the sort of thing you do when you don’t want the stock prices to get spooked and rile up the whole herd.

The two companies are working together right now to get that Discord experience on PlayStation sometime early next year. The service will be coming to Sony’s console and mobile sections, one of which doesn’t really exist right now. So that’s cool. It’s not clear exactly what this will entail, but it’s potentially good news! Discord is a terrific social app, one that most companies could learn a thing or two from. Who knows? Maybe this will lead to me actually playing PlayStation games online once in a while. Stranger things have happened!