INDIKA Has Started the Spiritual Journey on Steam

A Mind-Bending Adventure Awaits in INDIKA

Developer Odd Meter and publisher 11 bit studios have officially released their third-person, story-driven game INDIKA on PC via Steam. You can purchase it right now for just $22.49 with a 10% discount. The console version is also coming out later this month. Take a look at the official launch trailer below to get a glimpse of the mind-bending adventure awaiting us.


INDIKA is a third-person, story-driven game that takes place in a surreal version of early 20th-century Russia. It is a time when religious visions clash with the harsh reality of the world. The story follows a young nun on a journey of self-discovery with the most unusual companion, the devil himself.

On the surface, it might seem like a typical nun trying to adjust to the difficulties and monotonous life at the monastery. However, beneath the surface, lies the soul, waiting to be explored. The game focuses on philosophical beliefs and aims to provoke reflection on delicate themes.

Key features:

– Play a TPP adventure game that combines an imaginative story with a dark sense of humor
– Join a young nun Indika on her journey of self-discovery
– Meet the devil himself as Indika’s unlikely travel companion
– Explore the hidden depths of Indika’s soul while tackling unique puzzle elements
– Travel through surreal landscapes of Russia seen in a distorted mirror
– Uncover Indika’s troubled past in the form of 2D pixel art mini-games

The developers are also planning to donate a portion of the revenue generated from INDIKA to aid children affected by the war in Ukraine. So, you will get to enjoy the game and help people out at the same time.