Undead Inc. Has Started the Resource Management Venture on Steam

Become a Managing Director in Undead Inc.

Rightsized Games and Team17 have officially launched their rogue-like resource management sim Undead Inc. on PC. The game is now available for just $19.99 on Steam. Get ready to step into the shoes of a managing director of Endswell Medical franchise and expand your business. Take a look at the official launch trailer to get a glimpse of the gameplay.

In Undead Inc., you will be establishing and running a successful medical facility to deliver profits for the corporate HQ. Establish a local subsidiary of the Endswell Medical Corporation at multiple locations. Each biome has new unique features, keeping things fresh with new challenges.

Your main goal is to build and expand your offices and research facilities. Make sure to hire and manage your staff effectively for maximum efficiency. Satisfy the HQ with greater profits. To do so, you will need to resort to unethical means as well. Research illegal bacteria and viruses to help develop cutting-edge treatments and bioweapons.

Keep a close watch on the business and ensure that it runs smoothly. Maintain the suspicion level, choose loyal staff, and bribe or intimidate politicians and local officials. Do everything in your power to keep the police off your back and stay ahead of your peers. So, are you prepared for this crazy endeavor in the field of medical science?