Online Casinos of the Future – Main Aspects to Expect

The advent of the Internet has greatly influenced our society – from commerce to communication, we’re never far from any kind of connection nowadays. And the online casino industry isn’t immune to this new trend either, with players now able to enjoy their favorite gambling games from the comfort of their own homes and at any time of day or night. As such, many people are wondering what the future holds for this particular industry and whether it will continue to flourish or if there will be any changes in online casinos of the future? Will they still be as popular as they are today?

Progressive jackpots

At first glance, progressive may not seem like a big deal in online gambling. After all, with so many casinos already popping up on the Web, how much room is there for growth? However, with multi-million dollar progressive jackpots increasingly becoming commonplace in land-based casinos around North America, it won’t be long before these prizes appear online as well. Progressive jackpots are those that get progressively bigger as more people play and contribute their share of casino chips (whether they win or lose). If no one hits a winning combination within a certain time frame, then all bets get returned to players and everyone starts again from scratch.

Virtual reality

In 2018, experts predicted that online casinos would be fully immersed into an online environment with virtual reality (VR) software. Think about it: you’re playing slots or blackjack from your living room, where there is no sign of a casino or any other player except for you and a bunch of AI bots. With VR goggles on, everything looks very real; at times you might forget that you’re just sitting in front of your screen—although some may argue that not having anyone else around can take away from the excitement a bit. While it may not be as exciting as being at a brick-and-mortar casino today, experts predict it will get better over time thanks to improving technology and more sophisticated software algorithms.

Online Casinos in USA

US online casinos are still fairly new in their development and thus have not reached their full potential. Still, more than enough games can be found for players to choose from. Online casinos for US players must have software tested by an independent testing organization and be certified before they’re allowed on US online casino market. Also, you will find a wide variety of payment options at top-rated US online casinos: credit cards, PayPal and Skrill among others. If you are in USA click here to find more.

Different payment methods

In 2017, it’s common for online casinos to accept many different payment methods. These include credit cards and debit cards (e.g., Visa, MasterCard and American Express) as well as prepaid or reloadable credit cards such as Neteller, Skrill and Moneybookers. Bank transfers are also a popular option—particularly for online casinos that cater primarily to players from countries that use local currencies other than dollars or euros.

Cashout times

With new online casinos, a common complaint is withdrawal times. Many sites offer a bank transfer or cheque payment option, but these can take weeks, sometimes even months to process. This isn’t so much an issue with VIP slots games as players are rewarded with loyalty points and other perks, but it can be difficult for those who aren’t able to play regularly enough on one site without building up their account balance. Thankfully, there are now more options available. With new online casinos, a common complaint is withdrawal times. Many sites offer a bank transfer or cheque payment option, but these can take weeks, sometimes even months to process.


The blockchain is a brilliant technology that allows for distributed ledger-based transactions without a middleman. In an online casino, you can essentially hold your own bank by engaging in financial activity with others and processing money through smart contracts. This means that digital currencies like Bitcoin will become even more common in online casinos, as they’re easier to transact with on a technical level. We’re already seeing some operators begin accepting Bitcoin, so expect it to be used at all legitimate sites within five years.

Digital fraud protection

It’s a no-brainer that online casinos will continue to grow in popularity, with more and more players signing up on their mobile devices every day. This is good news for both consumers and casino operators, who will always be looking for new ways to protect their clients’ financial information—and thus their own profits. Even as you read this, new fraud protection systems are being tested in trial runs. Here are just a few features you can expect to see added.

Personalization Section: Social experience

Social experiences are increasingly important on both desktop and mobile. Therefore, operators need to enable users to share their experience with their friends via a variety of social channels. In addition, gamification features that encourage users who have enjoyed playing at an online casino one time to play again should be implemented. Loyalty program: Reward your most valued players through offers and bonuses tailored for them based on past gaming behavior. Any online casino can offer deposit bonuses and free spins, but it is much more difficult for a brand-new operator with no history with its players yet to gain loyalty than it is for an established operator with several years’ worth of data.


Online casinos are still very much in their infancy when compared to land-based gambling venues. However, that does not mean there will not be any changes or innovations in them as time goes on. If you are thinking about entering into online casino gaming, it is a good idea to consider what future aspects and changes you can expect from online casinos. Here is a look at some of these likely developments and changes, based on current trends, advancements in technology and other factors