Dying Light 2 Will Have ‘All-Time Loved Feature’ From Original Game

New Dying Light 2 Patch Brought Back the Original’s Bone-Crunching Glory

Dying Light 2 launched with plenty of good reviews from the gaming community. However, long-time fans of the franchise were somewhat disappointed to see a favorite feature that was absent. Many players expected the sequel to also have the x-ray feature.

For those who are not aware, the original installment had a feature that allowed players to see the skeletons of the zombies through their bodies. Whenever players followed up with another attack, they can even see the bones shatter and break within their infected bodies. All of this they could watch in slow motion.

dying light 2 photo mode

Unfortunately, this particular feature was not present when Dying Light 2 launched to the gaming public. However, following a recent patch, devs were able to bring it back. The 1.7.2 patch yesterday added the x-ray feature into the game. It would seem that the feature is still in its beta version. Still, fans are pleased that they get to experience it one more time.

The all-time loved feature from Dying Light is back,” devs wrote in their patch notes. “X-ray is available and will make your gameplay more memorable!”

At the moment, the feature is still in its “first phase.” “We will work in the future to make it iconic for Dying Light 2: Stay Human,” they added. “Your feedback is appreciated so smash some bones and let us know what you think about it.”

Many fans immediately tried out the feature following the announcement. The X-ray effect is, indeed, back in the game. However, it is worth noting that it seems to not be as intense as it was with the original title—at least, not yet.

Some players noted that they heard the effect taking place without actually seeing the the bones through the zombies’ bodies. Techland did confirm that the feature is still in its beta form. With that said, it may take a while before Dying Light 2 can officially live up to the original game’s bone-crunching glory.

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