Path of Kami: Journey Begins Bringing Puzzles Today on Steam

A Journey Begins 

Prepare yourself for a great journey into the spirit realm. Hopefully your spirit has what it takes. Today Captilight Games is excited to announce the release of their puzzle adventure, Path of Kami: Journey Begins. Out now on Steam the game promises a relaxing yet adventurous journey that deals with the concepts of life and death. A press release provides more info on the game. Additionally, the official launch trailer gives players glimpse into the world of the game. 

Path of Kami

Path of Kami: Journey Begins introduces players to the protagonist of the game, a wolf named Kazeyeo. After a terrible winter takes his life, the wolf is given another chance. The gods, pitying him, transport him to the Spirit-World where he is offered the chance to join their ranks. However, to do this Kazeyeo must reach the very peak of the Spirit-World. So, players must embark on a relaxing journey full of puzzles, self discovery, and a heartwarming story. Additionally, players can enjoy a beautiful soundtrack that enhances the relaxing adventure. 

Of course, the new release trailer provides a deeper look at the game itself. Additionally, players can even get a listen into the music. Check it out below. 

Path of Kami: Journey Begins is out now on Steam. Currently the game costs $5.00. Importantly, a demo of the game is still available for players to try out. So, are you ready for a spiritual adventure to another world? Ready yourself, and head to the heights of the Spirit-World.