Dying Light 2 Has Topped 5 Million Sales

Dying Light 2 Hit Its Five Million Mark on February 28th

Dying Light 2 hit its five million sales milestone on February 28th. Techland confirmed to the gaming community that the sequel was able to reach its five million mark only a little over three weeks after its official launch on February 3rd.

The studio announced in a press release that Dying Light 2’s “numbers are significantly growing every month.” This indicates that players are keen to diving into what the sequel has to offer after having waited for it for seven years. The original Dying Light game came out back in 2015.

dying light 2 topped five million sales

The franchise’s first installment also reached its 20 million lifetime sales. This marked a second significant milestone for the series.

Techland also informed the Dying Light 2 community that they are going to add “some new content” to the game some time next week. The new features they are bringing forth will reportedly give players “a lot of opportunities.”

The success of the Dying Light franchise is a great example of the unforgettable experiences we create for our players,” said Techland CEO Pawel Marchewka.

Unfortunately, devs did not specify what they are referring to. However, they did confirm previously that they were “seriously thinking” about adding a New Game Plus mode for the sequel. Some fans believe that it is a tad bit too early for that at the moment. With that said, the community is thinking that devs will have something to show regarding both the original title and its sequel.

All of this suggests that devs have a healthy future planned for Dying Light 2. After all, Techland did promise fans that they are committed to giving the community five years worth of post-launch DLC support. Since this confirmation, the game already has new armor, events, weapons, and challenges. Plus, the game is also getting its first bit of substantial post-launch story. It is due to launch some time in June.

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