Dying Light 2 Patch 1.4 Adds Much-Anticipated Photo Mode

Dying Light 2 Photo Mode Now Available

Dying Light 2 fans will be happy to know that their favorite game now has their most anticipated feature. The game has done well since launch. In fact, it has shifted more than five million copies already. The only thing missing was probably the photo mode that fans have been requesting for.

Techland has always been committed to supporting the game and its community for years to come. With that said, they just rolled out Patch 1.4 which brings the photo mode feature.

dying light 2 photo mode

Due to popular demand, we have decided to implement a Photo Mode!” Techland said in a blog post. “This feature will be available in single player game mode and you will be able to launch it in most situations.”

Unfortunately, devs did reveal that the feature has some pretty “complex parkour mechanics.” It is because of this that the photo mode feature might not be available for certain action sequences or poses. However, it has multiple camera manipulation options that will help Dying Light 2 players come up with some dynamic screenshots. Examples of such options are focus distance, zoom, roll, and aperture.

Dying Light 2 players can also adjust the color of their capture photos. They can change the saturation, temperature, contrast, exposure, filters, and vignette. With these adjustments, their photos will beam with climate and style.

Moreover, there is also a Special Effects feature that will allow players to create one-of-a-kind sequences straight out from popular action movies.

Following the release of the patch, the parkour-em-up sandbox now also has an all-new rank system. This new system affects the daily and weekly bounties that reward players with reputation points, as well as NPC bonds. Players can now also enjoy some new unlockables, such as weapons, cosmetics, new mutated enemies, new in-game currencies, and new time trial parkour missions.

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