Two Point Campus Just Got a Spooky New Update

Two Point Campus’s Spooky Season Is Live Now

Two Point Campus just got a spooky new update. It is available across all formats starting now until November 1st. At the moment, fans who are using PC and consoles can start enjoying the update right away. Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch users will have to wait a little bit later.

The Halloween-themed Two Point Campus update will bring “lots of new content that will be kept permanently after the Halloween hijinks are over.” Examples of these features are “items, swappable costumes, and new challenges” for players to complete. Players can avail of all of these special items as they do their best to dodge the undead while making sure that they are not late on their homework.

The local radio station of Two Point Campushas also been taken over with some spooktacular new tunes.” Plus, players can also choose their own scary costume. There will be themed outfits for both students and the members of the faculty to enjoy. “Seeing a werewolf, mummy, or zombie walking to a class would not be the weirdest thing you have ever seen in Two Point County,” devs said.

There is also a new all-new Challenge Mode for players to revisit some of their “favorite Campus levels and experience brand new trials and tribulations.” They can even work together with Lord Blaggard to keep their school premises safe form zombies with the Siege at Noblestead.

Two Point Campus got some good reviews when it launched to the gaming market. However, multiple players have commented that its human level interactions are a bit more fussy compared to others. Many fans love that it is a much more involved sim. Unfortunately, this may feel like it is missing a bit of the early stage hand-holding to back that up.

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