Two Point Campus Will Let Players Teach Witchcraft & Wizardry

Two Point Campus Goes Full-On Hogwarts

Two Point Campus will eventually let players teach their students witchcraft and wizardry. It is not like the other educational sims that are currently present in the gaming market today.

Players will be put to the test as they create schools, courses, and extra curricular activities for their many students. A recent hands-on preview showed that they can teach Scientography and Gastronomy. Devs revealed that they will also have the opportunity to have their own version of Hogwarts.

two point campus witchcraft wizardry

Make sure that your students study properly and hone their skills in the Spellroom to compete in magical duels and watch the sparks fly,” devs said in their press release. “The better your students do, the stronger their magic becomes.”

Apparently, students will have to be strong and skilled enough to practice magic “with the occasional ancient curse and nefarious enemy looming about.”

This new addition to Two Point Campus comes with its very own enchanted theme campus Spiffinmoore. It is complete with mist and mysticism. Fans are expecting this part to be a neat little annex to their academic adventures.

The trailer that Two Point Studios released showcased what the wizardry course will look like from the campus itself right down to any necessary equipment. There are mountains of books and multiple jars of potions that are fine points to making the course feel just right.

Two Point Campus was initially due to launch this May. However, devs had to delay its release so they could optimize the game for every platform. It is now due for release in August.

Despite the delay, fans are still excited for it. After all, the team behind the game is well known for their other smartly designed and wonderfully silly management sims.

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