Upcoming RPG Asterigos Won’t Be an Open World Game

Asterigos Will Be a “Hub-Based and Semi-Linear Game”

Asterigos is an action RPG that will be out some time this Fall. It is somewhat rare for a modern action RPG to feature a cartoon aesthetic. After all, most of the games in the same genre have earthy palettes with relatively stern realism.

However, the same could not be said for Asterigos. Acme Gamestudio released a trailer for the upcoming game, proving that a little touch of cartoonism is not entirely a bad thing. As seen in the preview, players will be taking on the role of Hilda. She is a warrior who goes in search of her father.

asterigos won't be an open world game

The game’s lore hugely took inspiration from Roman and Greek mythology. However, the monster designs of the game makes it apparent that devs did not restrict themselves stylistically.

Asterigos is not an open-world game,” devs said. “It is more like a hub-based and semi-linear game.”

Moreover, it would seem that how things turn out in the game will hugely depend on the choices that Asterigos players make. “There are many choices to impact the story for both the main story and the side quests,” the devs added. Sadly, they did not reveal more information for fear of spoilers.

The combat seems to be pretty fast-paced. Players will be wielding two different weapons at once. They can even parry Shaolin-style with their spears.

The video also showcases a variety of boss type enemies. These include a chunky furnace-headed chap in a dungeon, a massive blue crocodile in a swamp, and a giant warthog-looking monster. The game’s Steam page indicates that there will be more than 22 bosses through its main story and side quests. This a sensible number compared to other big RPGs that are due this year.

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