Witch Shop Sim Potionomics Finally Has a Fall 2022 Launch Window

Potionomics Is Due to Launch Later This Fall

Potionomics fans now have a reason to rejoice. After being in the works for four years, devs finally revealed that the much-awaited witch shop sim now has a Fall 2022 release window.

Many gamers have been hoping for shop management sims to get their own massive heyday. It would seem that that day has finally come for Potionomics. Devs recently released a new trailer for the title. The preview gave fans a sneak peek of what they can expect from the game from brewing, haggling, and the management involved in running a successful potion shop.

potionomics fall 2022 launch window

Casual life sim fans will recognize the setup. Main character Sylvia the witch inherits a potion shop from a family member who passed away. She will then be tasked to reinvigorate the business so she could take herself out of debt.

Potionomics players will have to utilize a variety of ingredients to brew new types of potions. They will also have to navigate Sylvia so she could decorate the shop, supply local adventurers in return for spoils, as well as haggle with all customers.

The strategy part of the game will occur with the game’s haggling portion. It will be a turn-based card battle between Sylvia and her customers. Her deck will be made up of sales tactics such as Elevator Pitch, Reel ‘Em In, and Shock Factor.

These are all skill cards that she got to collect from other shop keepers and adventurers around the town. She can obtain them by culturing better and stronger friendships with the other characters within the game.

As seen in in the trailer, Potionomics devs put in a lot of different animations for the game’s 3D characters. It is very colorful and filled with lovable locals. Sims are always enjoyable, and a charming cast on top of its relaxing gameplay is just the icing on the cake.

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