Ravenous Devils, Horror Cooking-Sim, Making a Killing April 29th Release

Food for Customers Made From Customers

It’s hard to make it in the tailor-restaurant business. Especially in the gothic back alley streets of 19th century London. You may have to turn to some less expensive ingredients. Today Troglobytes Games is happy to announce the official release date of their upcoming 19th century horror cooking-sim, Ravenous Devils. Releasing on April 29th the game introduces players to a psycho-horror experience that is sure to be mouth-wateringly disturbing. In addition to the announcement of the release date, comes the arrival of a new trailer. 

Ravenous Devils introduces players to a happily married, and psychotic couple, Percival and Hildred. Of course the loving couple has goals. They want to run a tailor-restaurant empire. The problem, meat is far to expensive in 19th century London. However, there are ways around any issue. And this horrendous couple has found theirs. Playing as both Percival and Hildred, players will run a tailor upstairs and an eatery down. With one click Percival will kill those who come clothes shopping, dropping the body through a trap door where Hildred grinds them into recipes. 

Players will need to be sneaky. In addition to ensuring the couple doesn’t get caught, players will need to ensure they use every part of the victim. Have Percival make new clothes from the discarded ones of the latest murder. Of course, have Hildred make new recipes out of… their meat. Expand your empire all while striving not to get caught with blood on your hands. Players get a glimpse of this Sweeny Todd-esque gameplay in the new trailer. 

Ravenous Devils is releasing on April 29th, 2022. It will be available on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox consoles, and PlayStation consoles. So, it’s time to get cooking. Cut these customers into mincemeat but don’t get caught.