Silent Hill 2 Remake Has Been Announced

Silent Hill 2 Remake Is Being Developed By Bloober Team

A Silent Hill 2 Remake is happening. Konami confirmed today that one of the best horror games in the gaming market is getting remade by Bloober Team.

Bloober Team is a Polish studio that was also the genius mind behind Blair Witch, The Medium, and the Layers of Fear series. Horror games fans are well aware that The Medium carried a vibe that was relatively similar to that of a Silent Hill game.

layers of fear dev new silent hill game

Devs originally launched Silent Hill 2 back in 2001. It came to PC a year later. They did, however, do an HD remaster of the game in 2012. However, it was only available in consoles then. Moreover, the remaster also did not get a lot of positive reception from the gaming public. 

Players did not like its increased draw distance. It basically showed them the monsters being dropped into place like as if they were falling from the sky. It took off the horror aspect of the game a little bit. With that said, fans are hopeful that devs will have fixed this issue for the Silent Hill 2 Remake. 

Furthermore, it has also come to light that the Silent Hill 2 Remake is going to be a PlayStation exclusive for its first year. However, it is worth noting that its trailer mentions it will be “available on PC.” Sadly, there was no official release date for its PC version. Still, fans are speculating that it will presumably be available for PC users at launch.

It has actually been 10 years since Konami released the last installment for the horror franchise. There was a teaser for PT, which is a Silent Hills game. However, this project never materialized. Still, the teaser reignited interest within the horror gaming community.

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