New Bayonetta 3 Trailer Has A Lot of Bayonettas

Bayonetta 3 Has a Coven of Bayonettas

Bayonetta 3 fans are already well aware that the game is going to feature a whole coven of Bayonettas. Devs just released a new trailer for the game and it shines the spotlight on the different forms of the gaming community’s favorite witch.

As seen on the preview, there are no less than four distinct Bayonettas on show. However, it would seem that there could be more than that. The video also shows a variety of environments such as France’s Arc de Triomphe, a military base, a vast desert, and some other out-of-this-world locations too. Based on the Bayonetta 3 trailer, it looks like players will be encountering different versions of Bayonetta as they progress through the regions.

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To be more specific, the trailer showed Bayonetta with her hair up from the first game. It also showed her from the second game with her hair down. There is also a younger hipster version of her with pink hair, as well as a blonde masked version who is an expert with her sword. Many Bayonetta 3 fans strongly believe that there might be a multiverse arc coming soon.

In fact, the newcomer Viola even mentions “alpha verse” in this trailer. This indicates that players will be given the mission of traveling across at least two different universes within the game. For instance, the trailer shows Bayonetta speak to a huge bedazzled frog. This is before fans see what seems to be a different Bayonetta character trying to fight off the same frog in a parallel universe. 

Apart from tall these different Bayonettas, players will also be able to play as either Jeanne or Viola. Jeanne’s presence in the game was initially unconfirmed. However, devs have finally confirmed that Jeanne will be, indeed, part of Bayonetta 3. In fact, the recently released trailer ends with a few moments of her infiltrating a base.

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