MultiVersus May Have Mortal Kombat Character

MK Creator Ed Boon Teases MultiVersus Crossover

MultiVersus may feature a Mortal Kombat character soon. Although there is no official announcement about the crossover, Creator Ed Boon has teased the gaming public with a cryptic response when asked about it.

A MultiVersus fan reached out to Boon to confirm if there is “any chance that a Mortal Kombat character could show up” in the game.That would be dangerous for me to answer,” Boon cheekily answered. 


The gaming community is well aware that Boon is notorious for giving false hints. With that said, it is best to take his responses with a grain of salt. Even though it is highly plausible, it could also be simply one of his silly replies. However, some dataminers have discovered files for Sub-Zero and Scorpion within MultiVersus. These are two of the popular ninja mascots that represent the Mortal Kombat franchise. 

It is difficult to decipher whether or not Boon was being serious with his reply about MultiVersus or not. After all, both Player First Games and Warner Bros. Media have not given any official announcement regarding the Mortal Kombat character supposedly being added to the game’s roster. Still, the datamined files would be evidence enough that they could be making it to the game.

MultiVersus fans are speculating that both Scorpion and Sub-Zero are going to arrive in the game as part of the promotion of a new Mortal Kombat project. At the moment, it remains unknown what this new project could be. It could either be a new game or a sequel to the live action film.

MultiVersus is a crossover fighting game that features Warner Bros. Media’s most popular characters. Plus, it is one of the best crossplay fighting games in the gaming industry today.

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