MultiVersus Has Game-Breaking Bug That Makes Gizmo Less Useful

MultiVersus Has a Gizmo Bug

MultiVersus had a new update today. It brought a variety of changes to the game’s hitbox/hurtbox system and projectile system. It also introduced Gizmo from the highly popular Gremlins series. Devs added him as a support character for the game’s 2v2 mode. Player First Games certainly went from teasing to confirming Gizmo in just a week’s time.

The Gizmo-centered showcase went over a lot of his moves and trademark play style. The furry Gizmo can shoot an arrow that can produce fire when charged. Players can even store them after being charged if they change their mind about using it.

multiversus game-breaking bug gizmo

Bringing Gizmo to MultiVersus was supposed to be a cute addition to the team. After all, he is known for being a flurry of adorable kindness with a singing prowess. Unfortunately, however, it would seem that players were more annoyed than delighted. Apparently, they came across a game-breaking bug that makes  him less useful.

It has come to light that there is a glitch with Gizmo’s up special. It makes him disappear under the map. Basically, the 2v2 match suddenly becomes an unfair 1v2. MultiVersus is a team-based game. With that said, players do not want to suffer the consequences of having to suddenly lose their ally during a match.

His up special is Gizmo-A-Go-Go. It allows him to attach to the back of an ally and remove any debuffs. MultiVersus players can also deploy his other attacks and moves during this particular state. Despite the disappearance of Gizmo during the match, the team does not lose any lives. This basically means that Gizmo should be right there fighting alongside the allied character.

In addition to the famous Gremlin, the recent MultiVersus update also brought some balance adjustments to other characters. Examples of which would be Bugs Bunny and Arya, among others.

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