MultiVersus Season 1 Will Launch With 50-Tier Battle Pass

MultiVersus Season 1 Begins on August 9th

MultiVersus are in for a treat. Game Director Tony Huynh has confirmed that Season 1 will launch on August 9th alongside the franchise’s first ever fully fledged battle pass. 

This battle pass will cost approximately 950 gleamium which is the game’s premium currency. To top it all off, it will come with 50 tiers in total. This is not too bad for a battle pass. In fact, it is half the size of the one from Hearthstone, Fortnite, or Apex Legends. It is also roughly the same number as with Valorant’s. 

multiversus season 1 50-tier battle pass

At the moment, it remains unknown how long the season is going to run. MultiVersus devs also did not provide any information on how easy or challenging it will be for fans to progress along each of the tiers. 

Many players have commented that the pre-season battle pass has been a bit of a slog to barrel through. Apparently, there is not a lot of time to complete everything. Plus, season milestones have the tendency to toss players some gruelling challenges with no means to re-roll. Basically, the whole thing may sometimes feel like an unsatisfying grind.

With that said, MultiVersus fans are hoping that devs will apply some tweaks to the Season 1 battle pass. Any positive changes may make gameplay feel a bit nicer, especially with more tiers that players will have to go through.

At launch, the game got off to a very strong start on Steam. Unfortunately for Taz lovers, devs did eventually have to nerf him for being too strong. One of the many things that has made MultiVersus beloved among fans is the ability to experiment with different cartoon characters for combat. No one would have ever thought that Bugs Bunny could beat Superman in a fight.

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