New MultiVersus Trailer Confirms Rick Sanchez Is Coming

MultiVersus Is Getting Rick Sanchez Soon

MultiVersus devs just shared a new trailer for the game. As seen in the footage, Rick Sanchez from the popular franchise Rick and Morty is coming to the game. This new video confirms that Rick is going to be the next character to join the roster following his grandson Morty and Gizmo from Gremlins.

Fans of the game has long been requesting for devs to bring Rick into the roster. There have been leaks and data mines in the past that pointed to the drunk scientist’s upcoming appearance in the game. Unfortunately, MultiVersus devs did not provide any specific release date for the game. However, fans can certainly expect him to arrive soon.


Rick and Morty is actually a sci-fi animated series that focuses on the exploits of a cynical genius and his average grandson as they explore the multiverse. It is famous among the masses due to its out-there concepts. One of which will be Mr. Meeseeks who are tall blue creatures who live to serve a single purpose before they disappear.

The teaser showed that Mr. Meeseeks will be part of Rick’s fighting style in MultiVersus. It is highly likely that Rick can summon them through a portal. Players believe that they can utilize this skill to strike their opponents before the blue beings disappear after finishing their task. However, apart from this information, the trailer did not show what Rick’s gameplay will be like.

The gaming public is well aware that MultiVersus is a crossover fighting game that showcases multiple characters from Warner Bros. media. It is known as one of the best crossplay fighting games in the gaming market today.

Its character roster already includes Steven Universe, the Iron Giant, Game of Thrones characters, DC superheroes, and Looney Tunes characters.

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