Hitman 3’s Roadmap For October Unveils Its Upcoming Plans

Hitman 3’s Roadmap For October Unveils Its Upcoming Plans

Hitman is one of the biggest franchises in gaming history as Agent 47 has been on various adventures around the world. Hitman 3 released in early 2021 and since then, IO Interactive has poured content into the game. Today, the company has unveiled its plans for October, including various cool Halloween events and elusive targets to take down. The game is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

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On October 6th, players will be faced with a new challenge, ‘Brother From Another Brother’ where they will be able to unlock Agent 47’s Signature Suit which features leather gloves and stylish sunglasses. Moreover, on October 7th, players must take down Barbara Keating, a politician currently at Hawke’s Bay. On October 13th, players will enjoy a new location while on October 20th, players can take on the Sandman Challenge. Additionally, there will be cool feature contracts for Halloween, which feature spooky challenges and missions.

In Hitman 3, players will bring an end to the World of Assassination Trilogy as Agent 47 once again journeys around the world, taking down his targets and enemies as necessary. Along the way, players can enjoy various side quests and missions.

Furthermore, the developers recently announced that a new, single-player game mode will be releasing in January 2023. In Freelancer Mode, players will be able to head to existing locations and take down various enemies. It will be a free update for all players.

What are your thoughts on the Hitman franchise? Have you tried Hitman 3 since its release? What do you think about the current state of the game? Are you looking forward to the content in October? What do you think about the Freelancer game mode that’s coming soon? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.