Hitman 3’s Roadmap For September 2022 Is Officially Unveiled

Hitman 3’s Roadmap For September 2022 Is Officially Unveiled

Hitman 3 released in January 2021 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Since its release, IO Interactive, its developers, have been providing consistent content updates. Today, IO Interactive has unveiled the game’s September 2022 Roadmap, showing off some of the content coming over the month for the game. In this month, players can look forward to features contracts, elusive targets, and fresh suits.

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On September 1st, players can hop into Elusive Target Arcade where they must take down various characters such as the Stowaway, The Twin, The Politician and The Black Hat. The reward for success includes a cool Neon Ninja Suit. Additionally, on September 15th, players can complete their Ducky Collection with the Suit by targeting the Bombastic or Blusterousand.

Moreoever, On September 22nd, players must head to the hyper-exclusive GAMA Facility in Hokkaido, Japan, where they can experience everything it has to offer. Players can hop into a hot spring or undergo life saving surgery over the ten day period. Furthermore, on September 23rd, players target Jimmy Chen, a paranoid journalist who would do anything for a good story. Finally, on September 30th, players must take on the brilliant and unethical surgeons, Dr. Frydel and Dr. Akenawa.

In Hitman 3, as the infamous Agent 47, players will enjoy yet another engaging story in the world of assassins as they venture to locations around the world. The game offers the ability to play with your own style.

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