Hitman 3’s New Single-Player Mode Is Coming In Early 2023

Hitman 3’s New Single-Player Mode Is Coming In Early 2023

IO Interactive released Hitman 3 in early 2021 and has consistently released content for the game since then. Today, the developers have provided fans with an update on the Road to Freelancer. Fans that are looking forward to the mode can get their hands on it on January 26th, 2023, as the developer aims for that release date. Furthermore, the update will be a free update for all owners of the game.

Hitman 3

The developers stated that they are almost ready for the launch of the game mode and will be inviting players to hop into a Closed Technical Test over the next few weeks. Furthermore, the test will allow the team to improve on the mode and give fans a first bite at the game. In Hitman: Freelancer, players will be able to jump into a new, unique single-player game mode with rogue-like elements, strategic planning and a customizable safehouse. The game takes a cool spin on the franchise.

Moreover, the developers will be pushing beyond their original scope of the game and include all locations from World of Assassination from day one release. Additionally, fans can look forward to more information about other aspects of the game across October including a roadmap and further updates on the Freelancer project.

In Hitman 3, players will head into the conclusion of the World of Assassination trilogy where they visit exciting locations and use creative ways to take down primary targets and enemies.

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