Dead By Daylight’s Halloween Event Has Been Revealed

Dead by Daylight’s Haunted by Daylight Event Begins Soon

Dead by Daylight’s spooky season is finally here. Devs just released a reveal trailer for their Haunted by Daylight Halloween event. When the event starts on October 11th, players can avail of The Tricks and Treats collection which are purchasable cosmetics fo the Survivors.

They can also get the Hallowed Blight collection which includes unique looks for  both Albert Wesker and The Oni. On October 12th, these store inclusions will be followed up by Malevolence.

dead by daylight hour of the witch mikaela reid

Progression through Dead by Daylight’s free track will give players community-designed outfits for Yui Kimura and The Artist. Plus, they can also enjoy a premium track which they can access when they unlock the Rift Pass. Whenever they complete challenges on this route, they can get skins for The Ghostface and Mikaela Reid as rewards.

Moreover, starting October 13th, Dead by Daylight is also getting new in-game mechanics. Repairing generators during the game’s Halloween event will give players the opportunity to collect Void Energy. They can deposit these into rifts that are scattered throughout the map for even more rewards. Examples of which are shirts that have the skeletal motif for Survivors, as well as candy-themed weapons for Killers.

There will also be a special event tome that will feature unique and interesting community-based challenges. Completing these challenges will unlock Halloween-style charms. Plus, Dead by Daylight players can get a special Scarecrow outfit for Kate Denson and a Swamp Creature skin for The Hag as well.

Behavior Interactive also confirmed in the reveal trailer that Dead by Daylight will be free to play for the course of the Halloween weekend. This means that more players can get the chance to enjoy the game’s Halloween festivities.

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