Triple Take, Horror Platformer Bringing the Fear Today

Prepare to For a Triple Take 

‘Tis the season for spooky things. Good thing it’s time for a horror platformer like you haven’t seen. Today developer FlyAway is happy to announce the release of their unique horror platformer, Triple Take. Offering a strange new experience, Triple Take is cute enough to feel happy, creepy enough to be horror. A press release provides more info about the game’s approach to the genre. Furthermore, the official trailer from August gives players a closer look at the simple, yet creepy, platformer. 

Triple Take

Welcome to the fourth wall breaking experience known as Triple Take. Players are introduced to a game that is fully self-aware but of course, there is a problem. The game itself  has been overtaken by a strange and terrifying entity. Importantly, unlike other platformer games with set level sets, Triple Take’s level evolves as you complete it. The entity keeps changing the levels as players advance. Levels start easy. However, it will soon begin to evolve into a much more difficult type of level. Beating the level three times allows players to move onto the next evolving level. 

From running to swinging, wall climbing and more. Players will need to use a variety, and combinations, of skills to conquer 5 different worlds and over 50+ levels. Of course, everything you learn will be useful as players face a variety of bosses. Importantly, players can get a glimpse of all the action in the trailer from August. 

Triple Take is available today on PC via Steam. It is currently available for $6.99 at a 20% launch discount. So, are you ready to step into Triple Take?