Total War: Warhammer III- Immortal Empires Launches on MacOS

The Most Definitive Total War to Date

Prepare for war on the grandest scale yet. Now it’s coming to MacOS. Today Feral Interactive have announced that update 2.1 for Total War: Warhammer III, Immortal Empires, has launched on MacOS. Of course, the update makes the game the most comprehensive of the grand strategy Warhammer games. A press release provides all of the details on the update as well as the new DLC that arrives with it. 

total war warhammer 3 biggest made in series

Immortal Empires invites players to the largest cohesive world of Warhammer strategy ever conceived. Combining every map from the Total War: Warhammer trilogy into a massive campaign. Importantly this massive update features Legendary Lords, war units, gameplay mechanics, and more from across all three games. Players can look forward to leading any of the iconic factions from all entries in the series. Additionally, they can look forward to a few additions with the arrival of a new DLC, Champion of Chaos. 

Champions of Chaos introduces four new Legendary Lords to the game. Of course, each of these lords is a representative of one of the Chaos Gods. Importantly each will provide a new way to wage war in brutal crusades for Chaos. However, these mighty lords aren’t arriving without more violence. The second DLC arriving alongside the update is the Blood for the Blood God III DLC which adds even more mature themed animations. From  blood spurts and limb and head dismemberment to blood soaked UI elements, Khorne will be quite pleased with this DLC. 

Total War: Warhammer III- Immortal Empires is available now on MacOS. It is available through Steam for $59.99. So, are you ready to wage war like never before?