Bayonetta Is Restocking Physical Copies for Players in Europe

Bayonetta Physical Copies Will Be Restocked for European Region

Bayonetta physical copies will be restocked for Switch users in Europe later this year. Nintendo confirmed this information to the gaming public recently. They apologized to the game’s European following for not having met the demand for original game’s physical edition.

“We apologize that we could not meet demand for the physical edition of the first Bayonetta game recently,” they wrote. “We will restock the physical edition of the first Bayonetta game once more later this year.” They then invited fans to recharge their interest in the franchise and try to secure a copy this time around.

bayonetta 3 fans worried launch delayed next year

The gaming community is well aware that devs delayed the game’s first Switch physical edition in Europe. However, they released it as scheduled everywhere else. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about its launch in Europe and the UK. Devs reassured disappointed fans that the game will be within the “first half of October.”

Sadly, they did not provide any explanation as to why they decided to delay the game in that region. Neither did they offer any compensation for fans on that side of the pond. Moreover, the game quickly sold out as soon as it became available in Nintendos online store earlier this week. This brought even more frustration among gamers.

It is worth noting, however, that Bayonetta fans in the United States do not have any reason to worry. Apparently, physical editions of the first game has always been available on the US website.

In other news, the game recently made waves online due to its long-serving voice actor Hellena Taylor. Apparently, her offer was an “insulting” $4,000 to reprise her role in the upcoming third installment. She encouraged gamers to boycott the game. Her statements also prompted an industry-wide conversation regarding the standards of pay.

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