Acclaimed Comic Artist Max Dunbar Joins Forces with Heroscape Reboot

Heroscape’s Reboot has Friends in High Places

The Heroscape reboot is making its way through the crowdfunding platform Haslab as we speak. Sitting just over 25% funding after a week of life, a full success seems within reach.

Included in this offering is 71 miniatures, coming from the minds of several top designers. One such designer is none other than Max Dunbar – whose work can be seen in DC comics, Dungeons and Dragons, Reaper Miniatures, Heroquest, and more. Now, he’s got a new entry into that portfolio: Heroscape.

Avalon Hill’s faith in Dunbar’s skill is plain to see. He wasn’t assigned every character in the set, but he did work on a certain dragon-tamer. “Sonlen” is a fan-favorite from the old Heroscape: Swarm of the Marro master set.

While Hasbro nor Avalon Hill has delivered specifics on the reboot’s gameplay, we do know that it will be backwards-compatible with the original Heroscape products. The exact degrees of that compatibility are not yet known. Will this be a total overhaul, or just some new units with one or two new mechanics? Over on the Avalon Hill Discord Server, designers have said that we’ll see some updates on that front in the coming days/weeks.

Heroscape is a light wargame designed with a casual audience in mind. As it stands, though, the lack of new player resources plus the $250 price tag makes this game a hard sell. With the new resources in place, the crowdfunding campaign will likely see a boost in boost in popularity. But only time will tell if that’ll be enough to take it over the finish line.