A Heroscape Reboot is Being Crowdfunded As We Speak

Heroscape May Return, Sooner Rather Than Later

They’ve waited for 12 years. Old fans of Heroscape have been pitting ninjas against aliens, robots against dragons, and historically-accurate roman legionnaires against Marvel superheroes. They held little hope that the “Battle of All Time” would see new additions, but now those distant dreams may just come true, thanks to Hasbro and Avalon Hill.

Rodents piloting AT-ATs. Cyberdemons. A draconic incarnation of druidic magic. And of course, the one historical group that never saw the light of day in Heroscape’s original run: Pirates. Pirates of all shapes and sizes, letting robots and gorillas and aliens don the captain’s hat. All brought together in this new age. Heroscape: Age of Annihilation hopes to bring new fans on board while still providing a ton of new content for veterans of the game.

There’s only one “tier” of offerings right now – it’s a hefty batch of content for a hefty price – but not completely out-of-line given previous price tags, and given the current absurd cost of pre-painted miniatures. Their opting for unpainted miniatures is the only thing keeping the price so low.

You can find a link to the campaign itself right here. Right now, the deadline for funding is the 15th of November – if it’s not reached, nobody will be charged any money, and the game will never exist.

Right now, it’s all-hands-on-deck for Heroscape fans. If you’d like to join their crusade, you know what to do.