Toby Fox Teases a “Special Something” For Deltarune Anniversary

Deltarune Will See a Very Special Birthday Gift

It will soon be a special day for Deltarune fans, and Toby Fox aims to join the festivities. Is chapter 3 finally coming out? Nope, but apparently something else is in the pipeline.

Barring mention of the typo, a tweet like this is bound to cause some uproar. Fan speculation has speculated wildly – from “releasing the rest of the chapters as a joke”, to a merch drop, to feet pics. We can probably rule out at least one of those, but which one you discount will likely depend on your personal inclinations and willingness to cling onto unreasonable hope. An admirable trait to be sure, but some may look at you funny depending on where those wishes lie.

On Toby’s end, we’ve got the expected amount of clues. Which is to say, exactly nothing. Ol’ Tobester is many things, but a tease he is not. If the release schedule for Deltarune has taught us anything, it’s that the game’s developer is more than willing to shadowdrop huge news onto an unsuspecting public. Keeping that modus operandi intact means that we get little to speculate with.

But one thing remains true, no matter what. A birthday is coming, and it’s time to Deltarune fans to feel old.