Stalker 2 Devs Deny Any Further Delays

Stalker 2 Won’t Have Any More Delays, Says Devs

Stalker 2 devs have been seriously affected by the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. GSC Game World originally scheduled the game to launch this year. However, Russia’s attack into the region made them decide to delay it into 2023.

At the moment, conditions for the Stalker 2 studio are awful. In fact, just this June, they shared a video that recounted their experiences during the first months of war. Viewers got to see see impact of war on the devs’ surroundings and also hear their personal accounts of how the war has affected their lives. Some senior staff members even talked about signing up for the Ukrainian army.

stalker 2 devs deny any further delays

Now, some Stalker 2 fans have spotted that Xbox has started to refund pre-orders of the game. According to the message that accompanied the refunds, the game is postponed until an “unconfirmed date in the future.” Furthermore, it would also seem that they decided to entirely stop taking pre-orders for the game.

However, there is no need for Stalker 2 fans to worry. After all, this only confirms Microsoft’s policy of refunding any pre-orders for gaming titles that do not have a firm release date just yet. This fueled speculations that there will be another delay in the horizon. Devs are currently busy relocating their main office to Prague.

“We had to postpone the game to 2023 with no exact release date for now,” devs wrote. “We made the announcement at E3 Microsoft Extended show alongside the dev diary and intro cut scene.”

Stalker 2 devs then went on to explain that it has always been Microsoft’s practice to refund preorders with no official launch schedules. “When we announce the exact release date later on, the preorders will go live again for Xbox,” they continued. “Preorders on PC are not affected by this.”

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