Stalker 2 Devs Release New Trailer Despite Ongoing Invasion in Ukraine

Stalker 2 – Heart of Chornobyl doesn’t have a release date yet. But that’s understandable, given the circumstances. The Ukraine-based development team is currently facing some external stability problems, nothing too crazy. Just an invasion by the world’s second largest military power.

Balancing game development with a militaristic defense of their homeland (no, this isn’t a joke) is no easy task. But it’s a challenge they take on nonetheless, having released a trailer for their upcoming title.

This trailer is called “Enter the Zone”, and features a character, well, entering ‘the zone’. It gives off a haunting, supernatural vibe that is unmistakably Stalker.

Chornobyl Exclusion Zone has changed dramatically after the second massive explosion in year 2006. Violent mutants, deadly anomalies, warring factions have made the Zone a very tough place to survive. Nevertheless, artifacts of unbelievable value attracted many people called S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s, who entered the Zone for their own risk striving to make a fortune out of it or even to find the Truth concealed in the Heart of Chornobyl.” Reads the game’s Steam store page.
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How are you feeling about Stalker 2? Do the trailers excite you, or leave you wishing for more? Does this change how you view previous controversies, or not? We’d love to hear from you in the comments down below!