Against The Storm Braces With the Launch of Cursed Battlefield Update

The Rain Gets Heavier 

Prepare to enter a world of constant rain. A world of fantasy creatures, darkness, and survival. Today Eremite Games and Hooded Horse are happy to announce the latest update for their roguelite city-builder, Against the Storm. The update, titled Cursed Battlefield, brings a whole host of new content to the game. A press release provides details about everything coming with the update. Additionally, the new changing world trailer gives players a look at the game itself. 

Against the Storm

Against the Storm places players in control of a shining city amidst a world engulfed in a constant dark storm. Players will build their settlement, leveling up their buildings, and exploring distinct biomes that make up the world. Of course, the goal is to keep your city alive. To do so, you need to tame the wilds outside the city, collect resources, and more. Learning the multiple ways to thrive will be essential to your city’s survival. However, the blightstorm is a constant, looming threat, that is poised to destroy everything you have been working towards. 

Cursed Battlefield introduces players to a revamped biome: the Cursed Royal Woodlands. This rework brings the Cursed Battlefield effect, which changes exploration, and the addition of Restless Spirits. Each of these new variables adds new missions for players, as well as, new ways to explore. The update also adds changes to strategies and game mechanics. Check it out in the changing world trailer. 

Against the Storm is currently in Early Access on Epic Games. However, it is fully releasing on Steam and GoG later this year. So, are you prepared to weather the storms?