Horizon Forbidden West Actor Confirms DLC By Accident

Horizon Forbidden West’s Lance Reddick May Have Revealed DLC

Horizon Forbidden West actor Lance Reddick may have just confirmed to the gaming community that a DLC is already in the works. The American actor shared a video of his face with white dots for motion capturing.

Hard at work,” he wrote on social media. “In a session for Horizon Forbidden West.” Reddick has since deleted this message. This further fueled fan speculations that he may have revealed more than he was supposed to.

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Horizon Forbidden West has been out in the gaming market since February 18th. Unfortunately, devs have not announced any upcoming DLC for the title just yet. With that said, fans are speculating that he might be working on a DLC for the game. Reddick voices and also does the mocap for Sylens who happens to be one of the franchise’s main characters. His character is also an ally for the playable protagonist Aloy.

Considering that Horizon Forbidden West has been successful in the market, an upcoming only makes a lot of sense. The original Horizon Zero Dawn’s DLC was called The Frozen Wilds. It introduced a new area for players to explore, in addition to an expansive new story mode. Should the speculations about an upcoming DLC turn out to be correct, fans believe it will most likely take the same form as the original Zero Dawn. It will probably be an expansion that includes brand new land for players to trek.

The Horizon franchise has a post-apocalyptic setting where robotic beasts roam the planet. Horizon Forbidden West continues the story of Aloy. She is a young woman born in the new world. Her main task is to find out the secrets that the planet hides within.

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