343 Head Bonnie Ross Leaves Company, Triggers Studio Shake-up

343 Industries Studio Head Leaves the Company, Shaking the Foundations of Halo Infinite

It’s been no secret that Halo Infinite’s current state has left many wanting more. Despite stellar moment-to-moment gameplay, the shallow depth of offered content has soured many player’s opinions over the game’s lifespan. Whether she warrants them or not, much of that critisism has been aimed squarely at Bonnie Ross. She is, or was, the head of 343 industries. But she’s gone now.

A statement from Bonnie Ross was posted to the official Halo twitter page.

The reason for her departure has little to do with the state of the game. Family medical issues can be intense processes that require all-hands-on-deck, and for Ross, that means stepping away from 343 Industries.

But Ross was a major figure at the company. She leaves behind a massive void that needs filling – and that’s exactly what 343 has done.

This inclusion of Pierre Hintze as studio head has turned quite a few heads within Halo’s playerbase. The Master Chief Collection’s release was eventually salvaged, and many credit Hintze with the accomplishment. In many player’s eyes, the MCC has become the definitive way to experience the Halo universe. Fans have compared MCC’s release state to Infinite’s current state many times before, and are currently welcoming Hintze with open arms.

So, how do you feel about all this? How will Halo Infinite’s development be affected by this? Do you think that Ross is likely to return to 343 Industries? Let your voice be heard in the comments down below!