Sonic Frontiers Launch Is Not Postponed, Says Sega

Sonic Frontiers Devs Are Not Delaying the Game

Sonic Frontiers fans will be happy to know that devs have no intention of delaying the game’s launch. Sega confirmed to the gaming public that they have no plans to delay its release despite mixed reception from fans and the media.

“We do not consider postponing the launch at this point,” Sega announced. “Within the communication with users, we intend to reflect the parts that can be reflected within the development timeline and to build empathy with users.”

sonic frontiers launch not postponed

Sega is well aware that their Sonic IP is a mainstay title that they will “sell over the long term in the future.” “We will continue to strengthen it in the next fiscal year onwards as well,” they continued.

The team behind Sonic Frontiers admits that they have “high expectations” for the game. In fact, they are expecting the success of the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film to have a direct effect on the game’s sales. “In the previous film, repeat sales of Sonic titles grew,” they added. “Sonic’s licensing business was also positively affected after the film was released.

The second film is a much bigger film than the first. With that said, they are expecting that it will similarly affect their game’s sales. “While aiming to expand the reach of the Sonic IP, we also want to aim for the upside of the new title,” they said.

We really feel confident in the play test results that we are getting,” said Studio Head Takashi Iizuka in June. “We are working right now with our team in Japan who are working really hard to make sure this holiday people can buy the game, pick it up, take it home, and have a fun experience with it.”

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