Leaked Sonic Frontiers Merch Reveal New Mystery Characters

Sonic Frontiers Leaked Merch Reveal Key Info

Sonic Frontiers fans have been in a frenzy since a recent leak made its rounds online. Some eagle-eyed fans found some new merchandise and artwork on Japanese retailer Shopee. It would seem that these new items revealed some key information.

According to the store listing, it is due for release in November. However, the most important part of the leak seems to be the characters. The merchandise featured key art of the Blue Bar standing with Amy Rose, Knuckles, Tails, and the Kocos creatures that live on Starfall Islands. Behind these iconic characters are the silhouettes of two new characters.

leaked sonic frontier merch reveal new mystery characters

The Sonic Frontiers community strongly believes that the new characters are going to be Sage and one of the Titans that Sonic fought against. At the moment, Sega has neither confirmed nor denied these speculations.

Plushie lovers will also be getting some Sonic Frontiers stuffed toys. One of the is of Sonic holding a ey with a Chaos Emerald topper. He apparently gets this item as he progresses through the game’s Cyber Space Levels. There is also a plushie of a smaller version of Koco. A third plushie has Sonic napping with Koco on his lap.

So far, Sonic Frontiers devs have not mentioned anything about DLCs. However, fans spotted an image that suggests the game is getting a DLC. Sega did not say anything about an expansion when the presented the game at this year’s Summer Game Fest. With that said, many fans are a bit confused why they are hearing about it now.

But then again, Sega has actually not yet confirmed the validity of both the DLC and the merchandise. They have also kept mum about the leaked November 15th launch date. What the Sonic Frontiers community knows for sure at the moment is that the game is due for release this holiday season. Thankfully, devs already announced that they have no plans of delaying it.

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