Top Educational Podcasts (You Need to Listen To)

Whoever said learning was a never-ending process did not lie. In college, we are required to complete hours of study and essays that you must submit as part of the curriculum before graduating.

While trying to balance work, life, and family, it is often safe to find an expert tutor from a reputable academic help website for writing papers online  to get time for other facets of your life. But what if you could pair the services of an academic help site with great educational podcasts?

Experts agree that podcasts are a great way to teach new content, especially topics suited for passive learning. Students can listen to the likes of Angelina Grin, a writing expert at Studybay, who can feed them with expert knowledge on certain topics while freeing up time for other active learning activities in the classroom.

So, which podcasts should you be listening to for educational value? Here’s a list of the best educational podcasts you can listen to.

Top 10 Educational Podcasts You Should Listen To

These are some of the best podcasts you should listen to for better results while studying or gaining general knowledge of certain disciplines.

Ted Talks Daily

Ted Talks Daily serves diversified content you’d otherwise find after sieving through hundreds of educational podcasts. The podcast dives into the different aspects of being a university scholar.

The episodes hover around politics, relevant innovations, science, inspirational speeches from experts, and discoveries. The issues presented are real-life with long-lasting solutions.

Ted Talks Daily offers students analytical views on issues not commonly discussed in classrooms. These are topics that college or university professors only discuss implicitly and are typically limited by the curriculum from diving further and providing more insight or knowledge.

Hardcore History

Dan Carlin is one of the best orators in the podcast business. He offers a witty and insightful take on history through his Hardcore History podcast. The goal is to deliver some of the most exciting but boring historical occurrences in the most dramatic, fun, and educative way to benefit general listeners and history students.

Dan asks several odd questions, rarely found in history textbooks that help open up your mind and view several aspects of history differently. The quality of research is top-notch, with some episodes hitting up to five hours of content.

Some of the topics Dan Carlin discusses in this podcast include the Rise and Fall of the Mongol Empire, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and World War II from the perspective of the Eastern Front.

50 Things that Made the Modern Economy

This podcast doesn’t run like a typical one. 50 Things that Made the Modern Economy is more of an epic documentary series delivered in a podcast form. The show is hosted by Tim Harford, who tells the story of 50 ideas, inventions, and innovations that shaped the modern economy.

Some of the most fascinating are barbed wire and double-entry bookkeeping. The information from this podcast is valuable for economics students studying the modern economy and its history and can provide great insights for an essay on the same.

You are Not So Smart

David McRaney delivers a thought-provoking psychology podcast, You Are Not So Smart, that seeks to challenge whether our confidence in certain things is rationally founded or plain wrong. The show explores psychological issues such as overconfidence and irrationality that hinder our learning, progress, and, in certain instances, well-being.

Some interesting topics include Machine Bias and The Power of Fiction to Change People’s Minds.

Grammar Girl

Grammar is one of the hardest and most boring lessons to take in class. There are many ins and outs to this subject that forms the core of the English language. Grammar Girl, hosted by Mignon Fogarty, seeks to deal with this learning barrier.

The podcast brings accessibility, lack of judgment, and fun to learning grammar, providing an essential resource for writers, students, and fans of the English language. The podcast dives deeper and looks at not only the rules but also the history and cultural contexts behind English grammar.


Studybay is an exciting podcast designed for grades improvement. Students doing IB exams or other college degrees or diplomas can benefit immensely from the content delivered by Studybay, which covers studying for exams, essays, and meditation with its learning benefits.

The Studybay podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Sound Cloud. The insights drawn from the podcasts come from a pool of global experts in different academic fields. Therefore, in each episode, you can always find something relevant to your discipline or area of interest.


If you’re interested in the vast academic fields of study that professionals dedicate their lives to, Ologies will have you hooked. The podcast is hosted by Allie Ward, a science correspondent, and humorist. In each episode, Allie Ward focuses on a different “ology,” from conventional ones like molecular neurobiology and paleontology to more niche examples like philematology.

The podcast is perfect for generating deeper interest in these study fields and preparing yourself for a career in these disciplines or generally just being informed.

Planet Money

Planet Money breaks down complex finance topics into digestible chunks with great storytelling. You learn about great topics and concepts such as Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) and financial collapse. The scope of the podcast covers all aspects of the global economy.

For those interested in content less money-focused, NPR has The Indicator, which tackles smaller yet robust topics surrounding business, work, and the economy. Both podcasts are information-rich, with ten minutes packing a lot of educational content.

The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Philosophy is a vast topic that normal class hours and reading cannot do full justice. The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps makes the subject interesting and fun with a deep dive into the study of knowledge, what it means to be human, and the nuances of living in the world.

Philosophy emerged from centuries of debate among some of the greatest minds in the world. Peter Adamson, the show’s host, goes through these ideas and the lives plus the historical context of major philosophers and lesser-known ones.

The content presented is enough to help you pass your Philosophy coursework and appreciate the subject’s importance outside the classroom.

Revisionist History

Revisionist History is a history podcast hosted by Malcolm Gladwell. He describes the podcast as a show about “things overlooked and misunderstood.” In each episode, he introduces surprising details about historical occurrences such as the Boston Tea Party and the infamous hug between Sammy Davis Jr. and Richard Nixon.

In each episode, Malcolm weaves together a unique thesis for these events and teaches about general human experiences.

Start Learning More from Your Favorite Podcasts

There are many more podcasts you can explore and start learning from to improve your education inside and outside the class. Start exploring auditory ways of learning today.


Why Should You Use Podcasts for Education?

Educational podcasts are not meant to substitute in-person teaching. They still need to be complemented by other resources to offer true value to the student or a general listener trying to learn more than they did within the confines of the classroom.

With the recent steep rise of podcasts, students and listeners of all ages are subscribing to educational podcasts because they’re accessible, informative, and engaging. This makes taking information from them effortless.

Moreover, you can use a podcast to catch up on missed classes and content or learn more effectively through your favorite learning style.

How to Subscribe to a Podcast

Podcasts are delivered to various devices such as your iPhone or Android through subscriptions served via different podcast apps such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The podcast creator may also have a platform where they post premiere episodes before distributing them to other platforms.

Therefore, you can search for a creator using the podcast app and subscribe to their content. That way, you’ll be notified whenever they post a new episode.