Classic Monster Hunter Games are Over 80% Off, But There’s a Catch

Breathe New Life into These Monster Hunter Titles

If you were a fan of Monster Hunter World or Rise and want to dive deeper into this franchise, then oh boy do I have news for you. As we speak, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, 4 Ultimate, and Generations are all selling for around 5$ apiece! 15 dollars for hundreds of hours of content is an absolute steal… if you have the means to access it. Because this sale isn’t for just any platform.

A while back, Nintendo announced the shutdown of their eShop for WiiU and 3DS. As of writing, they’ve already removed the ability for you to add funds to your wallet via credit card. But the shop itself isn’t closed yet – games are technically purchasable, and any existing eShop codes you have will be honored. This platform is where Capcom has placed their Monster Hunter sale. All three 3DS titles have found an incredible price tag, assuming you have a retro handheld console and the means to work through a closing eShop.

The sale will maintain until the 16th of this month – just one week away from today.

The reason for Capcom’s sale here should be fairly obvious, given the situation. While we lack a specific announcement justifying the unprecedented sale price, context clues offer all we need to know. It’ll be hard for them to profit off of a dead marketing platform, so they might as well earn what little money they can in the time they have left.