All On Board Entering Last 48 Hours of Kickstarter- DM Mode

Dungeon Masters Rejoice 

Taking the tabletop to VR in a whole new way. Today Blasphemous Studio is pleased to announce that their VR tabletop platform, All on Board, has reached the funding needed for Dungeon Master Mode. A press release provides more details on the new mode. Additionally, the Kickstarter launch trailer gives players a glimpse of what they can expect from the platform. Furthermore, players can check out the Kickstarter for even more details. 

All on Board

All on Board provides players the chance to play tabletop games with their friends no matter the distance. At launch the game will include 12 licensed game ranging from Escape the Dark Castle to the Binding of Isaac: Four Souls. Of course players get to see their friends at a virtual tabletop and play games on a board that they can interact with. Importantly Dungeon Master Mode allows players to connect with one another in a whole new way. 

The Dungeon Master Mode gives players the opportunity direct role-playing sessions with friends. It will even allow DM’s to load pre-existing rule sets from Wargaming, to RPGs, and more. Players will not only be able to direct their sessions but also live stream them as well. Furthermore, the Stream On feature allows players to set up and control camera positions. 


All on Board is currently in its last 48 hours of its Kickstarter. Players can find more information on the game here. So, are you excited for a virtual way to play some of your favorite Tabletop games?