You Don’t Need Sunbreak to Enjoy This Free Monster Hunter Rise Update

Sunbreak Brings Several Goodies, Even for Those Without the Paid DLC

While Monster Hunter Rise is celebrating the release of its biggest post-launch content drop, some players may not be inclined to pick it up. Maybe you can’t afford it or, just haven’t reached endgame content yet. Either way, Capcom has something special for you.

The free side of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak adds a ton of new features, quality-of-life changes, and upgrades to the main Rise experience. The official Patch Notes go over them in detail. Some additions, like the Master Rank and new story content, will ask that you purchase Sunbreak first. Those additions are marked with a handy-dandy little symbol for you to skip over if you’re only interested in the free goodies.

Among them are new features for the in-game camera, more space in your item box, and a Talisman lock feature in your equipment box.

For those who love the idea of character customization, you’ll soon find a wide array of new features. A series of fresh hairstyles will keep your hunter’s fashion up-to-date, alongside some new options for eyebrow and facial hair. More facepaint options are also included with this wave of free content.

Notably, there will also be some gameplay changes – no longer will you need to use the wirebug before wallrunning. There are also new attacks for each weapon type, and animation changes when drinking potions.

A few monsters also received some adjustments and updates. Barroth’s hitbox has been updated. The thickness of Chameleos’ fog has been adjusted, though they didn’t say if it’d appear denser or more transparent. Finally, Rakna-Kadaki’s hide will be more vulnerable to bowgun ammo.

But that’s just a highlight reel. Feel free to look at the full patch notes if you want a more comprehensive deep-dive.