Return to Monkey Island Creator ‘Won’t Be Posting’ About Game Anymore

Return to Monkey Island Is Getting a Lot of Flak From Fans

Return to Monkey Island is due for launch some time later this year. Terrible Toybox Studio’s announcement was a huge and very welcome surprise. However, many fans were not too keen wit its new art style and directly attacked devs for the changes.

It is ironic that the people who do not want me to make the game I want to make are some of the hardcore Monkey Island fans,” Creator Ron Gilbert said. “That is what makes me sad about all the comments.”

return to monkey island creator won't be posting anymore

Devs dropped a new trailer for the game a couple of days ago. Gilbert oftentimes engages with the game’s fans. His critics were giving him a lot of nasty comments that triggered him to give them some attitude. This response further brought even more abuse from the angry mob.

“I am shutting down comments,” Gilbert added. “People are just being mean and I am having to delete personal attack comments.”

This is not Gilbert’s first rodeo. He has also been a little too upset with online comments in the past. He has said some things before that he eventually retracted later. Still, with this recent barrage of negativity from the gaming public, he says that “the joy of sharing has been driven” from him. 

Play it or do not play it but do not ruin it for everyone else,” he continued. “I will not be posting anymore about the game.”

Get on and have some fun or stomp out of the amusement park because it is not exactly the rollercoaster you wanted,” he said. “I hope you will jump on with the rest of us.”

Return to Monkey Island has been in the works for two years before devs finally announced it to the gaming community. According to multiple reports, it was the studio’s best-kept secret.

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