A Certain Sentient Paperclip was Added to Halo Infinite

He Returns in Halo Infinite.

Clippy. For some, he’s a menace – popping in at all the worst times, asking patronizing questions, doing no good. A dubious little creature, if ever you saw one. For others, he was a quirky and helpful buddy – offering little but a friendly face and an eager personality. Both groups thought they were rid of him, lost in the spiraling eternity that is the depths of internet legend. Anyway, Halo Infinite Season 2 got up to some mischief, and did a little bit of necromancy.

As of yet inaccessible, but clearly visible in the game’s contents, Clippy makes his grand return. A nameplate and weapon charm act as his vessels, the conduits through which he manifests. When finally released (probably in the premium shop, if we’re being honest), he will join you in your glorious slaughter, popping up whenever you swing your weapon around. And in moments of peace, when your name is revealed, his presence will be branded onto your own – you two will truly merge as one.

Halo Infinite

Clippy’s image is something Halo Infinite players have wanted for a while, actually. 9 months ago, a reddit post was made with a pitch for a new AI to speak to you during matches. While we didn’t get anything quite so extravagant, Clippy’s presence has been warmly received.

Only time will tell if Clippy’s in-game prominence will shine as much as those cat ears did.