Through The Kill Screen, Retro RPG, Unnerving Players April 20th

1980’s Glory, Sinister Yet Quirky 

Ready for a step back through time? A time of blue syrup ice-slushies, ding-dong ditching houses, and of course the first video games. Today solo indie developer James K. Isaac announced the release date for his upcoming retro RPG, Through the Kill Screen. Steeping in 1980’s nostalgia the game is looking to take players back to a simpler time, with some very sinister undertones.


Through the Kill Screen places players in the role of Leon, a mischievous 80’s kid who finds himself in some trouble. Finding himself in the Naughty Corridor awaiting punishment from the head teacher, Leon’s quest begins. From the school to the town of Snoring and beyond, players will adventure throughout a secret full, adult run, world. Of course, not everything is fun and games. Bullies run rampant, there are sadistic head teachers, and a video game so perfect kids broke through the kill screen and uncovered a horrible secret you couldn’t imagine. 

The game emphasizes its tones and moods. From tense and scary to whimsical and funny. Players get to explore all the town has to offer and uncover secrets, level up their stats, and more. Additionally, the choices players make in the game can determine different outcomes. With multiple endings to explore, Through the Kill Screen offers a great deal of replay value. Furthermore there are a variety of NPC’s to interact and bond with. Of course, all of the world is presented in a cartoony pixel-art style with 8-bit music backing your exploration. 

Through the Kill Screen will be releasing on April 20th, 2022. It will be available on PC Via Steam and for $5.99. So, are you ready to explore the 80’s and uncover some secrets? Be warned, going through the Kill Screen may change your life forever.